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Our Founder's Inspiring Vision

In 2018, Sandeep Kumar, a former HR manager, embarked on a personal quest. Despite a modest monthly salary of just 15,000 rupees, he yearned to experience the services of a renowned Chennai salon. His determination and wise financial choices finally allowed him to fulfill this dream.

During this transformative visit, Sandeep witnessed a bitter scene - a father and son waiting outside the salon, their dreams restrained by financial constraints. This stark inequality ignited a vision within Sandeep. He came from a family deeply rooted in the beauty industry, with his sister and mother running a successful women's beauty parlor. His insider knowledge of beauty product costs ignited a spark in him. Could elite services with a top-notch ambiance be made accessible at reasonable prices?.


A Journey of


Sandeep's revolutionary idea took shape as he embarked on independent development in 2018, persistently seeking like-minded individuals who shared his vision. Destiny intervened in 2021 when Sandeep met Syed Afridi, a visionary entrepreneur.

Guided by Omer Mukthar, they meticulously crafted a comprehensive business plan, attracting investors who believed in their vision. Sandeep's bold decision to resign as an HR manager showcased his unwavering commitment. His journey, including his stint as a Rapido Bike taxi driver, led him to Sheik, an experienced salon manager who shared his passion.

After six months of relentless dedication, Sandeep secured a suitable property and inaugurated the first Barber Shop in Thiruvottiyur, Chennai. The dream was straightforward yet profound - to provide elite services to everyone, regardless of their financial background. At The Socio Barber, we invite you to join us in our mission to redefine the salon experience in Chennai, where affordability harmonizes with excellence.

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Experience premium salon services without the premium price tag, making beauty accessible to all.

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We believe in treating everyone equally, offering a welcoming environment for diverse clientele..

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Our team of skilled professionals and cutting-edge techniques ensure you receive top-notch results every visit.

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